World Class Home Nursing Health Care in Kolkata Available Here

World Class Home Nursing Health Care in Kolkata Available Here

The Puspita Health Care offers best quality Patient Care Services at Home in Kolkata by our educated, certified, skilled, experienced and hygienic female and male nurse in Kolkata. We provided this acclaimed healthcare services to the patient at their home in the comfort of their own home with our specially trained nurses who go to each patient in their home to provide their much needed care and reach out for advice and support.

These specialist doctors and skilled nurse of ours play an important role in intensive monitoring with short-term interventions in the critical phase of ill health and development of all types of patient care.

Puspita Health Care provides various Home Health Care Kolkata are as follows:

  • Elderly Healthcare.
  • Post-surgical Healthcare service.
  • Healthcare for Disabled.
  • Physiotherapy service.
  • Health care for New born  
  • Others medical services.

We provide different skilled nurses in your home to provide the best health care services to your patient.

General Nursing Assistant or General duty assistant supports personal hygiene by providing the patient with a suitable environment for the care and maintenance such as laundry, feeding, surveillance, properly given medicine, and other daily living needs at home and transportation.

Experienced Nurses focus on caring for family and community so that they can maintain and recover optimal health and quality of life. Our highly skilled and trained nurses are to provide in home nursing services to keep patients physically independent in Kolkata and to recover from illness.

ICU Trained Nurse: ICU trained nurse can be a key element in improving the care of patients providing high quality clinical care for a specific clinical condition. ICU nurse provides the following critical care services to the patient at home

  • Vitals Signs Monitoring
  • Proper management of IV Channel
  • Administration of Oxygen
  • Urinary Catheterization
  • Bladder Wash
  • Bed sore management
  • ECG management
  • Nebulization and Inhalation management
  • Suctioning
  • Sample Collection
  • Ryle’s tube insertion management
  • Spirometry
  • CPR management
  • Post-Operative Management

We have also lot of male nurse vacancy in west Bengal because they are working in both general and specialized fields in most of the hospitals. Our goal is to provide the best male nursing staff in your home. Male nurses provide quality healthcare services with optimum love and care just like a family member for any patient.

We have been able to facilitate Diagnostic Test at Home of the patients with our technicians collecting investigating samples from the home and quality reporting to the patient at an affordable cost in a short period of time to further the patient’s recovery.

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