Pushpita Health Care: The Best Home Nursing Services In Kolkata Available Here

Pushpita Health Care: The Best Home Nursing Services In Kolkata Available Here

Pushpita health care the leading home health care company offering quality Home Nursing Services in Durgapur. This is great for the patients or elderly members of your family. They will get all the needed care and medicine at the comfort of home.

What is a Nursing service? Like any other profession, such as a doctor or any medical specialist nursing is needed for patient’s health care and make effective communication with them. Nurses are very familiar with every patient’s disease and situation. They monitor all signs and symptoms on regular basis and collaborated with another medical team to promote the best patients health care.

Pushpita Health Care offering quality and experienced Patients Care Service at Home in Kolkata where you will get home-attendants to take care of your elderly loved one at the comfort of home. In our Home Nursing Care, you will receive skilled and professional care on-demand visiting nurses, personal or private nurses, female or male nurses at home to take care of patients and ensure peace of mind. Female nurses are very caring and they give full attention to the patients with full commitment towards patients, they have good communication skills and problem-solving knowledge. If you want an efficient nurse for any family member then only we can provide you the best one.

Available service by a nurse

Nurse have various responsibilities toward their patients. The main role of a nurse in Home Nursing Services in Kolkata is to advocate, care and support them through their illness.

  • Regular record medical history and symptoms: A nurse or caregiver help and manage their all physical need and well informed about their medical history and symptoms.
  • Collaborate with teams to plan for patient care: Nurse will make proper communication between medical team and patients.
  • Advocate for the health and wellbeing of patients: They will take care of the interest of the patients and maintain their dignity.
  • Monitor patient health and record signs: Throughout the treatment nurse will follow the progress report of the patients regularly.
  • Provide support and advice to patients: They will provide all the necessary advice to the patients and make them understand the situation.
  • Emergency service: For post or pre-operation patients at an emergency, they will take the correct decision for the patient.

We can provide a nurse for home care services for covid in Kolkata. We also take care of patients who are recommended for home isolation in Kolkata in this pandemic. So if you want a 24/7 caregiver or nurse for any patients you can call us or register on our website.

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