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The Puspita Health Care is a trusted home health care service organization in Kolkata. From general patient care services to medical emergency services, post operational services are provided at low cost.
The Puspita Healthcare is affiliated with Metropolis, the best pathological institution in Kolkata, to provide you with better quality home diagnostic services.

  • Our professional and highly trained Phlebotomist will collect your patient’s blood sample from your home. They will follow extreme safety and follow hygiene protocol when collecting blood samples.
  • Book an appointment now at your convenience. Even on Sundays we are ready to give you special service.
  • Kolkata’s best lab metropolis blood sample test report you can get online in a very short time.

We maintain some standard services for home diagnostic services such as

  • Specialist and highly trained blood collection team who will collect the samples according to the medical regulations.
  • Will collect samples from 6:30 in the morning until evening.
  • Reports will be generated from a highly standard lab very soon
  • In case of emergency we are by your side and takes the best care.


Puspita Healthcare provides diagnostic services in your home along with other medical services as per your need
For this we have teamed up with Oncquest, one of the leading pathology clinics in Kolkata, who are honestly providing standard and perfect service on pathological tests.
We are always committed to providing the best quality service you need at affordable price. We take care of your health as one of your family.

Why would you choose us for a ‘Home Diagnostic Service’?

  • Our Phlebotomists are qualified and highly trained.
  • Our Phlebotomists will collect your blood samples considering the current epidemic, complying with safety and maintaining hygiene.
  • We are at your home diagnostic service from morning to evening.
  • Get your blood sample tested by an advanced lab and have a report delivered soon.
  • Diagnosis of the report by our registered doctor.
  • Even on the Sunday you need or in an emergency, our Phlebotomists arrive at your doorstep.


Puspita Health Care is one of the most trusted home healthcare services organization in Kolkata who provides high quality services at low cost by skilled and qualified Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staffs and other Patient care attendant. Contact us now to get a variety of services such as General Medical Services, Post Operational Services, Emergency Health Care Services, Diagnostic Services and many more.

Puspita Health Care always takes care of the health you need in your home. We have come to you with this service as one of your family. We have earned your trust for this. Now we have one of the best pathology in India to give you diagnostic service at home.
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