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What is The Meaning of Home Nursing Care Service? 24/7 Hour Nurse at Home Service Available Here

Our nurse or home-attendants are available to take care of your elderly loved one at the comfort of home

Home Nursing Care refers to the service by which patients will receive skilled and professional care from a nurse. We provide on-demand visiting nurses, personal or private nurses, female or male nurses at home to take care of patients and ensure peace of mind.
Our available female nurses are very caring and they give full attention to the patients. With the commitment towards patients, they have good communication skills and problem-solving knowledge. If you want an efficient nurse for any family member then only we can provide you the best one.
Many of our clients demand male nurses, we are also capable of this. If you have any patients who need specifically male nursing service then you can contact us. Our male nurses are very experienced in their profession. The best quality in them is one that shows empathy for every patient by making the effort to put themselves in their patient’s shoes.
We also provide ayah or caregiver service at home for your handicapped or elderly loved ones. They have a unique balance of physical and emotional stamina in their working hours. You will get the highest level of satisfaction and relief by their important qualities like effective managing skills, sense of humor, and many more.

Home Nursing Care at Home

Our Services

Nurse at Home Service
Emergency Service

For post or pre-operation patients at an emergency, they will take the correct decision for the patient.

Regular Monitoring

Our nurse will monitor your patient’s signs, symptoms, diet, and nutrition regularly.

Treatment Plan

Our nurses are also making the treatment plan and update all the reports to the doctors.

Check-Up on Time

By the nurse, patients will go through regular on-time check-ups for their better health.

Best Medication

They will give the needed medication and injection as per the doctor’s instructions.

Best Care

They teach the patient about self-care, coping mechanisms and ensure the safety of the patients at home.

Cancer Patients Care

Palliative Care

The Pushpita Health Care will provide all the necessary professional care to cancer patients for their better health and fast recovery.


Neurology Care

Our nurses are available to take care of neuro patients at home with the best medication and therapy. Their 24/7 hour care service will great for making confidence and better health to the patient.


Cardiology Care

The nurse will take care of post-operation heart patients at home and prepare the meal for them by the meal plan.


Orthopaedic Care

For elderly patients who have a huge problem with the musculoskeletal system, our nurse also takes care of them 24/7 hours with all facilities.

Elder Care

Elder Care

Our caregivers are available for 24/7 eldercare as per your need. They will take care of the elder person as a family member and fulfil all their daily needs.

24*7 Hour Care

24/7 Hour Care

If you need 24/7 hours patients to care at home in Kolkata then we have the best person for you.

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