Medical Equipment AT HOME

Get required modern designed advance medical equipment on your budget at home

Medical Equipment AT HOME

Now Get a Little More Help, Get Medical Equipment for Home Health Care at Your Doorstep

Make Your Home Health Care More Accessible and Perfect By Us

It is never an easy task to get medical equipment on rent at your home in a convenient way. But in the difficult phase of your life, Pushpita Health Care Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of medical equipment at your home for the best and affordable and accessible healthcare for you. We will love to give your continuous compassionate care at your home. If you need medical equipment on rent or buy to make your loved ones more comfortable then get the best one from us.

We Offer Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen Concentrator, Bi-PAP/CPAP, Wheel Chair, cardiac monitor, nimbus mattress, Dr. Odin Air Mattress, GLUCO ONE, Nulife Hand Gloves, 5 Parameter Patient Monitor, Dr. Odin Steam Vaporizer, Dr. Odin Clinical Thermometer, Liberty Diapers XL, Medi Grip Cannula Fixator, Vinjoh Oxygen Nasal Tube, Dr. Morepen BP Monitor, Monitor or motorized bed, Pulse oximeter, suction apparatus, and many more. Buy or rent any medical equipment for you, get it from us. This will make you stress-free for a continuous visit to the hospital and make your life easy.

Medical Equipment for Home Health Care

Medical Equipment Services

Medical Equipment Services
Oxygen Cylinder& Oxygen Concentrator

Now get an oxygen cylinder and concentrator at your home at an affordable price. It is great for providing long-term oxygen therapy to the patients at home.

Dr. Odin Air Mattress & Nimbus Mattress

It is available for our orthopaedic patients for their pain relief and better health. You can buy it from us at a low price.

Wheel Chair

If you want to rent or buy a wheelchair for patients or elder members, get it from us. We provide good quality wheel care within your budget.

Emergency Respiratory Care

You will get your complete health care through our various kinds of respiratory devices like Bi-PAP/CPAP, Vinjoh Oxygen Nasal Tube, and Pulse Oximeter.

Monitor or Motorized Bed

Here you can book your appointment for any health issues. Our specialized doctor will visit your place.

Cardiac Care

We provide complete cardiac care at home with our advance and modern technology cardiac monitor machine. It is efficient and gives the accurate result to you.

Medical Equipment Services

5 Parameter Patient Monitor

Dr Odin Air Mattress

Dr Odin Steam Vaporizer

Dr. Morepen BP Monitor

Dr. Odin Clinical Thermometer

Hospital Bed

Liberty Diapers XL

Medi Grip Cannula Fixator

Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Oxygen Cylinder Rental

Romson Pedia Drip Set

Vinjoh Oxygen Nasal Tube

Foam Mattress​

Dr Odin Piston Compressor Nebulizer

Dr. Odin Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

How to Get Medical Device at Home? Easily Get Your Needed Medical Device At Home

To buy or rent any medical equipment you can visit our website and make the registration at our website. Our representative will contact you. Our home health services, sale, rent, lease health equipment Kolkata call us +91 801 754 5555 or 033 2566 0006. Our delivery boy will deliver your order on time at your home.

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