Are You Looking For Services For Your Dear Parents Or Elders In Kolkata? You Can Definitely Get Pushpita Health Care with a Single Click

✔ Best Care and Services to seniors in Kolkata

  • Doctors and Nursing support at home as and when needed.
  • Responding on call emergency as per requirement.
  • 24/7 hours care giving services by qualified and trained health professional.
  •  Any other routine necessary elder care services.

✔ Basic needs of seniors

Primary needs include financial, healthcare and health challenges, mental health and self – implementation. This paper notes what basic needs need to be met in order for older adults to experience healthy growth, especially in low and middle income countries.

Best Care and Services to seniors
Why you choose us

Why you choose us

Pushpita Health Care provides the best elder care services in Kolkata. Our supportive caregivers come to your home and provide all the support your loved ones need in your home. We become one of your family and always try our best to keep the elders of your house comfortable and happy. 
Pushpita Health Care is especially useful for assisting senior citizens at home. We have a clear idea of what care the elderly in the home expect. We are always determined to meet their expectations and always provide an outstanding experience from them. so in no way do you have to worry about your family because we will provide the best service you need.

We ensure the best care service for seniors in Kolkata

Pushpita Healthcare provides the best care services for the elderly. It also provides various services, home nursing, physiotherapy, attendant.

Which helps seniors to maintain peace of mind at home and doing their daily chores. You can expect the following outstanding services from us:

  • Housekeeping and house hold maintenance
  • Home modification
  • Personal care
  • Health care
  • Transportation support
  • To help prevent falls
Best Care Service for Seniors
Why you need our service

Why you need our service?

Our services are very flexible. Once your beloved parents or elders receive our services, they will never have to struggle with anything in their life. We help them lead a healthy and comfortable life. When you tell us about a problem or need, we assign our best caregiver to help your loved one.

If you are looking for the best old age care service in Kolkata with 24 hours of the best level of care support and assistance, contact Pushpita Health Care now.

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