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Mr. Subhajit Sen

Managing Director
Ph No. – 8443003322

At Pushpita Health Care, Mr. Subhajit Sen is at the helm of all activities. It is his vision which has helped the company to embark on a successful journey and take a giant leap forward. He is the founder and Managing Director of the organization. He holds a graduate degree in B.COM with working experience in the marketing field.  Over the years, it is his innovative approach which has helped the company evolve and cement its position in the competitive healthcare industry. His chief functionalities include developing and implementing the company’s corporate strategies in order to accomplish objectives, offering tactical advice to the board of directors and Chairperson, arranging and putting into practice all-inclusive business plans, and chalking out lucrative operations and market growth activities.

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Dr. S.N. Bhoumik

Medical Administration Director
Doctor – General Physician
Ph No. – 8443003322

We are proud to have Dr. S.N. Bhoumik as our Executive Managing Director who holds MBBS (Cal), DPH (Cal), MIPHA. He looks after the administrative duties with precision and makes sure each of them is performed to perfection.  He also oversees and is responsible for controlling and directing operations within the organization. He also assesses the ongoing activities taking place within the organization. It is his innovative approach and patient-centric vision which has helped Pushpita Health Care to go from strengths to strengths. It is his fruitful efforts which have transformed the company into a thriving and profit-making unit.

Mr. Biplab Dey

Executive Director
Mechanical Engineer
Ph No. – 8100743783

It’s our pleasure and honour to have Biplab Dey as the Executive Director of our organization. Being a Mechanical Engineer he bags an extensive 26 years of practical exposure in diverse fields of engineering i.e Manufacturing, Maintenance, Power Plants etc. He also has a working experience of 6 years in Non-Medical home care and has a touch of Medical fields making him highly apt for the high-profile job on the board of directors. He is delegated with diversified challenging administrative tasks and responsibilities like looking after daily organizational functions, accounts and finance, creating KPIs to help employees focus their efforts, co-ordinate with the departmental heads so that company’s Mission and Vision are fulfilled, creating Business & Budget Plans to boost revenues, Planning and Implementing and supervising Company’s evolution and success, personnel management and building and overseeing team for the future, devising successful HR policies and spearheading clear evaluation methods based on the performance of the personnel..

Mr. Biplab Dey
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